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Acura TSX SEDAN Years

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The Acura TSX model ran two generations over its ten-year lifetime from 2004-2014. This model was designed as a 4-door sedan to fit needs of those constantly on the move but in need of a little extra carrying capacity. The TSX has a sporty exterior that lives up to its name Touring Sportscar eXperimental. The second generation Acura TSX, which launched in 2009, was larger than the first generation and offered leather seats, dual-zone climate control, Xenon headlights and more. Acura also introduced a Sport Wagon TSX model in 2011 and later unveiled the 2012 TSX Special Edition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Acura.

The TSX is a vehicle boasting refinement and luxury. Keep your vehicle in top condition by replacing any exterior parts that go through the wear and tear over the years. Whether it is a window regulator, door handle, wheel, or headlight that needs a replacement, you can be sure that the replacement part that you receive from us will make your ride look as good as new.

We also offer replacement parts for the internal components of your vehicle. The parts we offer, such as mufflers, brake parts, transmission parts, and sensors will ensure that you car feels the same as it did when you first drove it out of the dealership.

A vehicle like the Acura TSX is a car that should be treated as nice as it looks. Don't replace your broken or malfunctioning parts with ones that are not specifically designed for the TSX's unique style and feel.