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The Acura CL is a 2-door coupe that debuted in 1997 and was the first model built in America at Honda’s manufacturing plant in Ohio. The midsized luxury CL replaced the Acura legend coupe and was sold for two generations between 1997 and 2003. The premium trim levels had lavish features including heated leather seats and a premium stereo system. Even though the newest model is over 13 years old now, the Acura CL still drives strong with proper maintenance and care.

From the factory, original Acura parts are durable and made to last. However 10+ years is a long time for a car, and with the constant stress of dust, moisture, and extreme heat, some parts will last longer than others. It’s important to perform routine maintenance checks on your vehicle and change out parts according to the maintenance schedule in your Acura owner’s manual.

Worn out parts will interfere with the performance of your vehicle, as well as cause damage to other adjoining parts. With genuine Acura CL parts, you don’t have to worry about loose-fitting, poor quality parts that don’t function like they should. OEM parts will last longer and fit securely every time, since they are made to the specifications of your exact vehicle. Cheap, generic replacements simply can’t compare.

From spark plugs to bumpers, we have everything you could need for your Acura CL. These parts are made to fit the needs of your vehicle and will ensure it operates smoothly. By maintaining your Acura CL with OEM parts, you will keep your vehicle as high performing and close to brand new as possible.

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