TL Spoiler

One of the most loved cars made by Acura, the TL is a car built for luxury with the look of a sporty sedan.  To increase the sporty low profile look, many Acura TL drivers choose to add under spoilers also known as A-Spec spoilers in some circles.   With the addition of TL spoilers; front, rear, sides and tailgate, your car will have the appearance of a sweet machine as you pass with the low ride aerodynamic look and function of a complete set of TL spoilers.  It is a favorite mod amongst TL lovers.

As the years pass, unfortunately some of the spoilers are getting harder to get as inventory depletes in various colors and the part status is changed to ‘discontinued’ by Honda.   We do keep a supply here on hand and are willing to help you put together a complete set, but in many cases spoilers for older model TLs will have to be painted to match you current exterior paint color.   

Remember that only ACURA OEM TL spoilers are truly guaranteed to fit since they are made by Acura to fit your Acura.  No guess work with aftermarket part's fit & function.  Only true Honda quality and warranty for your much loved TL.  All Acura TL spoilers come with required installation hardware.  We can even email you the instructions ahead of time if you so desire. 

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