The Latest Accessories for Your TL

The Acura TL is a mid-size car made by Honda's luxury line and it quickly become one of the most popular luxury vehicles on the road. It was produced between 1995 and 2014 and was the best-selling model for Acura until 2007. At one point it was the second best-selling car in the luxury sedan category in the US with only the BMW 3 Series ahead of it. Four generations of the TL were produced, with the last one starting in 2008. This generation featured a streamlined body design with two choices of V6 engine and either a five or six speed automatic transmission or a six speed manual. The newest TL offered a range of new electronic accessories like a multi-function center display, an eight-speaker stereo with CD changer and Bluetooth audio.

What Are Auto Accessories?

Typically auto accessories are non-essential parts that may add exterior or interior appeal, or add convenience or functionality. The term can also refer to upgraded parts or optional parts, such as getting bigger wheels or wheels with a different finish. Most car owners at some point find themselves needing or wanting to purchase auto accessories. They might find a use for something that they didn't when they first bought it or they might need an upgrade to make the car more comfortable or nicer to drive.

Interior accessories can include seat covers, mirrors, shift knobs, steering wheel covers, sunshades, stereo systems, floor mats, remote engine starters and more. Some exterior accessories might include spoilers, splash guards, back-up sensors and more.

For example, the 2013 Acura TL Sedan SE offers the following accessories through

- Back-up sensor and attachment

- Cargo hook

- Engine block heater

- Front under body spoiler

- Rear under body spoiler

- Remote engine starter and attachment

- Shift knob of leather or wood

- Side under body spoiler

- Splash guards

- Steering wheel wood

- Touch-up paint

- Upper mount trunk drawer

Different years and trims of the Acura TL may have more or less available accessories.

Accessory Functions

Backup sensors are a useful accessory that allow you to more easily pull out of tight spots or park in dark garages or narrow street parking. They tend to be useful for older drivers or those who drive in the narrow confines of a big city. Maybe when you first bought the car, a backup sensor didn't seem necessary, but upon having new driving habits, you now see the need for them.

Engine block heaters are accessories that warm up the engine in cold weather. Typically starting a car in very cold weather would take awhile for it to warm up, and to warm up the interior especially. With an engine block heater, your car will start easier and have less viscous oil and less fuel condensation. The block heater lessens unburned hydrocarbons in vehicle emissions.

Underbody spoilers attach to either the rear, side or the front. They add a more aggressive appearance to the vehicle, like a racing look. They can also provide some extra aerodynamic function. Side underbody spoilers give the appearance of a lower profile without actually lowering the vehicle.

Remote engine starters are a very convenient accessory to have and they do what you would expect, which is to start your engine from outside the vehicle at a fair distance. This can be helpful if you want to give your car a chance to warm up and defrost in cold or rainy weather. It can also help in hot weather by allowing the AC to run and cool your car down before you step in.

Shift knobs come in leather or wood for various Acura models and either one can add a refined look to your interior. A leather knob might add a better grip for a manual shifter. Similarly, a wood steering wheel adds a luxury look to the interior.

Upper mount trunk drawers available for the TL are convenient accessories that fit into the upper part of your trunk. They allow you to store smaller objects in a more confined space, which keeps them safer. The drawer pulls in and out as you might expect, keeping contents separate from the rest of the trunk.

Splash guards protect your fenders from enduring undue wear and tear from mud, debris and other road grime. This area of your car can easily take paint and body damage from regular driving if you do not have splash guards equipped.

Touch-up paint, made exactly for your vehicle, is a convenient accessory that allows you to do minor body work on chips, scrapes and even small dents.

How To Use Touch-Up Paint

Paint jobs and bodywork are expensive when you only want to remove unsightly marks from that unfortunate collision with a grocery cart or rocks kicked up by a semi. However, by using touch-up paint made for your car's exact color, you easily do most of these jobs yourself.

Start by getting the right color through a retailer selling OEM Acura parts. Even if your car is a generic color like silver, don't assume that an aftermarket or another car make's silver paint will be the same.

The second step is to thoroughly clean your car and locate all the scratches and chips. If the scratch is deep enough for bare metal, then you will also need a primer pen. Use the primer first in this case and then sand it smooth before using the paint pen. Depress the pen away from the vehicle to get the paint flowing. You want to use a thin coat and it's better to use several thin ones vs one thick coat. If the scratch is especially tiny, you might want to use a toothpick to apply paint directly within the lines of the scratch.

Allow the paint to dry completely before adding a new coat or applying the final clear coat.

Visit to find all the best accessories for your Acura TL, including touch-up paint, wheels, spoilers, remote engine starters, steering wheels and more. Search for specific parts with a VIN, part number or keyword, or browse through the Acura Accessories link by entering your vehicle's year and model. With Acura OEM accessories, you can get the right accessories made for your specific vehicle. If you need help finding TL accessories, just get in touch with our Acura parts and accessories experts.