MDX Seat Parts

Every moment that you are in your Acura MDX is spent sitting, so it’s important to have quality, comfortable seats that can adjust to you. From lumbar position to head support, you can customize nearly every aspect of your seat for maximum comfort. Newer vehicle models even come with comfort adjustments such as seat heaters or cooling ventilation.

Front seats tend to offer the most customizability, with backrest angle, headrest level, fore-and-aft position, and seat depth and height being standard in all makes. The ability to adjust is also a safety necessity, since anyone driving your Acura MDX needs to be properly situated in relation to the steering wheel and pedals.

Sometimes seats need to be replaced for aesthetic reasons. Depending on your climate, areas of heat and constant sun can start to crack leather seats. Muddy, rainy areas are equally tough on your seats, causing stains on the upholstery. Well-fitted OEM seat covers will help prevent permanent damage.

Thankfully, you don’t always need to replace the entire seat at once. Front seats are made up of many more parts than bench seats, including seatbelts, power cords, cushions and many more. If one part fails, you can buy an OEM replacement that’s guaranteed to be compatible with the rest of the seat that still works. Generic and aftermarket seat parts can’t promise the same, and it’s much more cost-effective to replace one part rather than the entire seat.

The OEM designation allows you to replace parts on your Acura MDX seats with the same quality and comfort that you’re used to. Each part should be specific to the specifications of your vehicle, or else you can’t be sure you’re getting the highest level of quality and performance.

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