MDX Pump

Keep your luxurious MDX running smoothly by replacing your broken or failing pumps with a genuine OEM part. Pumps are critical to your vehicle operation since they keep necessary fluids moving to, from, and through the engine. If one of your Acura MDX pumps goes out, replace it right away. We carry all the different types of pumps to cover any of your needs.

A fuel pump is the most basic, since it delivers fuel from your tank to your engine. Without a properly operating fuel pump, your engine may stutter at high speeds, suddenly lose power, or even fail to start. Replacing a damaged fuel pump on your Acura MDX with a genuine OEM part will ensure high quality and help you avoid getting stranded.

Your engine also needs an oil pump to lubricate the moving parts of your engine, such as bearings, pistons, and the camshaft. Without a properly functioning oil pump, the pieces of your motor won’t be able to move as smoothly.

Water pumps regulate your engine temperature by cycling coolant through your radiator, block, and cylinder heads. The engine faces extreme heat, so without a properly functioning water pump, the heat can cause damage various parts of your Acura MDX. Since every engine is different, it’s important to replace your pump with an official OEM part so you can ensure your vehicle is getting the exact amount and speed of coolant that it needs.

Finally, there is the power steering pump, which assists you in steering by pushing pressurized fluid through your system. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to steer your vehicle. You know it’s time to replace your power steering pump if there are leaks or sounds coming from the pump, low fluid levels, or stiffness in the wheel.

No matter which pump you need to replace on your Acura MDX, purchasing genuine parts will ensure you have a pump fitted to the specifications of your vehicle. Not only will it fit and work better in your Acura MDX, but also be made of higher-quality material that you can rely on.

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